Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coming Up Next: A Korean 'Appalachian Trail'

Some New Zealanders who are hiking the Baekdu-daeganin mountain ridge South Korea are
"planning on coming up with an English guidebook to help future hikers. There are also plans for a coffee table book featuring the photos of the trail taken by Douch and Shepherd, along with cultural information written by Mason.

"With this project, they hope that one day, the Baekdu-daegan can become an internationally known long distance trail like the Appalachian Trail, Sierra Crest Trail, Inca Trail and the Great Wall of China.

"You can track the progress of the 2007 Baekdu-daegan Expedition Team on their blog"
Their experiences are also profiled in a Korea Times article by Cathy Rose A. Garcia dated 25 October 2007 under the headline "Rediscovering Korea's 'Spine'."

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