Friday, May 18, 2012

Avalanche's A.T. Book Reviewed

A book review for “Avalanche & Gorilla Jim – Appalachian Trail Adventures and Other Tales” by Albert Dragon (published by Morgan James Publishing) appears in the Mainline Media News. It is written by Ralph Collier, dated 17 May 2012, and titled TOURS & DETOURS: Philadelphia lawyer goes on Appalachian Trail hike and writes book about it.

The review doesn't say when "Avalanche" (Philadelphia lawyer Albert Dragon) hiked, but it seems to have been recently. "Gorilla Jim" was his hiking partner for more than half the Trail. Sounds like an interesting read about an older hiker. Collier writes that Dragon
has practiced law for over five decades and was looking forward to his life-long experience and sabbatical to pursue a dream of hiking the daunting Appalachian Trail, a feat men half his age would find challenging.
So, what, he must be in his 70's?

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