Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hot Springs, NC and Trail Mentioned

There's a passing mention of the Appalachian Trail in a 31 October 2008 piece by Stacy Smith Segovia's "Four-day whirlwind exhausting and exhilarating" on the web site of the Clarksville (TN) Leaf Chronicle. She meets family at Hot Springs, NC for a family wedding, and says this of the famous trail town:
"I'll tell you about some other attractions of the tiny mountain town, ones you can check out yourself. We had heard that Hot Springs was on the Appalachian Trail, and that is more true than we suspected. Stylized "A" symbols are stamped on the sidewalk running through the town's thoroughfare, Bridge Street. And that IS the Appalachian trail.

"A cool al fresco bar sits on the street, serving a wide selection of specialty beers to appeal to through-hikers' granola sensibilities. Across the street is an adventure gear shop. Walk a mile and a half along the trail and you can scramble up a hillside to scenic Lovers' Leap."
Let's hear it for them 'granola sensibilities'!

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