Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kent, CT: Trail-Friendly Town

"The Unwashed and the Upper Crust in Connecticut" is the headline over the New York Times article on 29 August 2008, written by Christopher Percy Collier. It describes the scene when A.T. thru-hikers make their way through Kent, CT.

Collier draws a strong contrast between the high-rent look of the natives and the low/no-rent look of the hikers. But, he continues with some stories about the friendliness of Kent's residents.

Several thru-hikers are named in the article: "Bones and Mudbug (whose names off the trail are Andrew Simpson and Tyler Geymann) ... Six Iron ... Holly Hammond, a red-haired hiker in her 20s who had several states behind her ... [and] Clay Whitson, who had been on the trail since starting several months earlier in Georgia." And several businesses and their owners are highlighted.

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